Zarin school library is now up and running

On April the 23st, 2017 the  we had the opportunity to visit Zarin School and see the new library up and running. The library was kindly funded by two Italian donors, Mr Riccardo Chiaberge and Mrs Caterina Bonvicini, who recently got married and decided to dedicate to Zarin library a special fund raising event.


Zarin schoolgirls are proudly consulting the new library

The fund raising process was very successful and besides shelves and desks and chairs the library has been filled with over 500 books on curricular subjects such as history, geography, literature, maths and science. Zarin school has almost 700 pupils from grade 1 to 12 and is one of the biggest funded by Arghosha Committee. As in the case of Chardeh and Ghorab schools, there is a strong demand for reading.

Eng Gholam Hussein of Shuhada and the school librarian are holding an appreciation letter to the Chiaberge Bonvicini family


There are no bookshops in the neighbouring villages and most children are coming from destitute families, therefore a local library is essential to advance their knowledge. Zarin school is one of the most successful of those funded by Arghosha and last year 36 out of 59 girls passed the so called Kankoor i.e. the admission exam to University. The success rate was 45% that is to say that almost one out of two made it at the exam. The new school library will undoubtedly help the girls to get even better results in the future years.

Zarin School hosts almost 700 girls from grade 1 to 12

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