We want to reach out as much as possible to disadvantaged illiterate women. Along with Shuhada Org, we are implementing women empowerment programmes. This is how it works: a group of women in a particular area receive four pregnant ewes and lambs. After three years, beneficiaries give back the animals they have received but keep those born and grown during that period, becoming owners of a small herd. They will be responsible of their animal stock and learn how to keep it healthy and exploit it for economic purposes. In return, they commit to a programme of alphabetization; they are given courses of personal and livestock health education and are taught about basic women rights.
So far, we have funded projects involving 90 families (901 people, of whom 512 women). This will provide them with livelihoods, by creating 45 small livestock owners. Very importantly, it will give access to literacy and numeracy to 120 girls and women. The result is improved living conditions for 90 families in a number of villages located in the catchment areas of three of the Arghosha-funded schools: Arghosha itself, Sar e Sarab and Dar e Ali.

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