Three new girls have completed their first term successfully at Ghawarshad University

From left to right Shreen, Parween and Rashida



















In the autumn of last year  a group of three new entrants started successfully their studies under Arghosha Scholarships Programme at Ghawarshad University in Kabul. They completed their first term in January with good marks, with an average close to 70/100. It is a good start and there will be plenty of time to improve, building on these results. On girl, Shreen comes from Sar e Qol , the second school that Arghosha Committee built pretty long ago, in 2006. Shreen has taken the faculty of Economics and Management. The other 2 girls come from schools that were recently built with  Arghosha funding: Meyankawak, established in 2016 and Sar e Tarnok in 2017. From the former comes Shreen, who is also taking a degree in Economics and Management. Finally Rashida, from Sar e Tarnok, has decided to graduate in Computer science. All three girls come from destitute backgrounds: their parents are farmers and have to look after big families. To let them go to University for them it is  major sacrifice. Arghosha Committee is thankful to their commitment and hopeful that their efforts will bear fruits. In this photo you can see the three girls in a nice spring day at the Shuhada compound in Kabul. We wish them a great success!!!





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