Meeting the students of our midwifery course

The present Afghan Government is aware that to run a proper health system it is important that women have a role in the health service, specially in gynecology where, given the restrictions of contacts between adult men and women outside the family, women role is crucial for the well being and welfare of the whole nation. That is way with the help of Shuhada we have decided to fund a bi-annual midwifery-obstetrics course for six girls who should be ready for the job market by 2025-26. We are very hopeful that this commitment will prove particularly precious for the future of the country where the demography keeps booming with 40% of the population under 15 years old. Midwives and obstetricians are in high demand and we are determined to play our part to contribute to meet the growimng demand on the job market.

Marco standing with the staff of Shuhada Organisation in Kabul

At the end of his visit Marco was proud to pose with the staff of Shuhada Org. whose help and support has proven once more crucial for the success of our humanitarian work in Afghanistan. We are hopeful that the country will stabilise and find a new direction. Our ambition remains unabated. That is why we are in discussion with the authorities through Shuhada for the construction of a girls’ school until grade 6 to be delivered in Kahmard district of Bamiyan province. Watch this space and new surprises will come soon!

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