A travel in Daikundi and Bamiyan provinces to inspect our two latest schools

At the beginning of October 2023 Marco travelled to Daikundi and Bamiyan provinces to pay visit to the last two school buildings that Arghosha Committee funded: Lazir grils’ school, established in 2021, and Koshkak Naqshi mixed school, that was erected in 2020. Lazir school’s visit  was particularly very moving, with a very warm welcome from teachers and village elders of the surrounding area. The girls were waiting for us with small billboards written in English with nice words of welcome. Sadly since the ban (hopefully temporary) to school facilities to females above grade 6 the classes were not at full occupancy.

A grade four class at Lazir school with a female teacher

Still, the climate was particularly cheerful, the classrooms were clean and lively and we managed to entertain with everybody. The girls enjoyed their courses and were satisfied by the environment provided to them. Some of them had to walk over one hour to attend courses but they didn’t mind the daily effort as they were highly motivated to attend their classes.

A tumbstone dedicating the school to benefactors Karl Johan and Leonie Persson. Watching is the Daikundi representative of Shuhada Organisation

Lazir girls’ school building was erected with the fundamental contribution of the couple Karl-Johan and Leonie Persson who have been supporting Arghosha Committee for some years. A tumbstone commemorating them has been laid at the entrance of the school in grateful memory. Lazir School is located on a hill above a river about 30km from Nili the province’s capital. It stands at about 2000m altitude a relatively low ground compared to the other schools that Arghosha has funded and erected with the help of Shuhada Organisation.

proud of our running water facility coming from a nearby source

As the school is on upper ground relative to the river, it was difficult to get water through a well. Fortunately,  a source situated uphill and kindly made available by locals, is giving fresh running water to the girls on the spot without the need of them being forced to move around to satisfy their basic needs. In short the school has improved significantly the girls’ condition and we are proud that we provided them with a comfortable and safe environment helping them to attend their studies in the best possible format.

A view of Koshkak Naqshi mixed school

Heading north from Nili to Bamiyan province, we went to visit Koshqaq Naqshi co-educational school. The school is on the highest ground among those  funded by Arghosha. It stands at around 3300m of altitude. The day we visited it, the sky was blue and the air particularly thin. Also in the case of this school, water is coming abundant from a nearby source and it is a real comfort for the 400 pupils attending the school. The day we visited the kids had put outdoors the school benches for the ceremony as the weather was particularly mild.

A tumbstone in memory of benefactor Pierre Riches

The School erected in 2020 was funded with a fundamental contribution from Pierre Riches, who sadly passed away in 2019 aged 91. Riches was a wise man of culture and a deep connoisseur of the Middle East and South Asia with many relations and friends all over the region. Teachers and pupils held many speeches, and we had a very warm welcome by all of them

Boys and girls attending the celebration

We had a long conversation with questions and answers with many of them and were surprised by their sense of purpose and their ambitions. Some of them wanted to be teachers, doctors, engineers airplane pilots and were determined to have a better life in the years to come. It was so moving to share together the aspirations of these young dreamers.

Brand new furniture in a class of Koshkak Naqshi school

The Schhol is one of the new buildings that comes with new features and specifications and with materials meant to last for a long time. Also the desks in the classes were made with good carpentry materials. The school has also a state of the art volley ball pitch that you can see by clicking the link below..

volleyball koshkak naqshi

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