A brand new library for Ghorab primary and secondary school

Ghorab primary and secondary school has a new library. The 9th school that we funded and inaugurated in 2013 is making great progresses. Until 2013 the pupils of the school could only benefit of a small permanent structure with 4 classrooms provided by the charity Care International and half of them had to study under two tents and attend lessons by shifts. The school is coeducational and hosts 350 pupils including over 100 girls.

Eng Gholam Hussein of Shuhada Org meets the pupils of Ghorab while a teacher in the foreground watches

Today, thanks to Arghosha Committee, a new school with 8 classroom has been added and a room has been dedicated to the new library. The new addition has been made possible thanks to the generous donation Mr and Mrs Tosato, an italian family.

Marco, Mustafa and Eng Gholam Hussein discuss with the teachers about the new library

The generous donation was highly appreciated by the school teachers on the inauguration day of October 29, 2016. They proudly discussed with us about the big benefits that the library will bring to the pupils who will now have better tools to improve their knowledge. Over 600 of books are now on the shelves ready to be picked and read. The subjects are those of the national curriculum: literature, maths, biology, geography and science.

The headmaster and a representative of Shuhada Org show the appreciation letter to the Tosato family

Ghorab school serves a community of 3.200 people in the remotest area of Saighan district. Until recently the local villagers felt pretty abandoned and isolated and the new educational structure has given them new hope in the future.

The headmaster and a representative of Shuhada Org show the appreciation letter to the Tosato family

The village elders told us in fact that since the new school building has become operational and the library is in use “our life has completely changed”.
Until now Ghorab school curriculum covers until grade 11 but from next year it will reach grade 12 and we hope that one day we will be in condition to fund scholarships for the most talented children who passed their admission exams for the University.

Attending a banquet with the teachers and the village elders of Ghorab village

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