Marzia Kronauer

Our People | in charge of women educational programmes

Marzia Kronauer, journalist, was born in 1957 graduated in Art History at the University of Pavia. Her professional career took place for over thirty five years within publishing groups and media companies with roles of responsibility in CORPORATE Communications, Human Resources and in the Sustainability area. In parallel with her career in the companies she followed the journey to become a Coach and subsequently graduated in Transactional Analytical Counseling at the Berne Center in Milan. Since 2018 She has definitively embraced the “Care Professions” working as a Counselor with private clients. She holds workshop on the topic of Creativity and Enpowerment for companies and for some university masters. Passionate about travel and Asia, she began collaborating with Arghosha in 2013 by supporting scholarships dedicate to Afghan graduated and named in memory of her sister, Federica.

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