Zarin School’s greenery is really getting greener

We are so proud to witness the fluorishing of the new greenery at Zarin School. Our pilot project is working thanks to the commitment of the principal, Mr Mohammed Akbar Khan supported by the teachers and the villagers and with the invaluable help of Shuhada Organisation. An incredible team work of passionate and committed people is literally bearing fruits

The huge reservoir and the solar panel for the energy are in place

The big reservoir is in place as well as the solar panels bringing the energy to manage the water flows. The result has been incredible as one can see with the growth of a wonderful orchard composed by 150 apple trees a massive vegetable garden cared for by a gardener. And another 50 trees are on their way!

The school principal Mr Akbar Khan shows proudly the expanding greenery to eng Gholam Hussein Matin of Shuhada Organisation

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