Zarin School greenery’s pilot scheme is almost completed

We are happy to announce that Zarin school in Yakawlang district has become the bedrock of an environment pilot scheme. If succesful, we may deploy it in other school buildings that we have funded. We think that environment should be a full part of  student’s education. Therefore we have decided, when and where possible, to make our schools greener. Not all schools have easy access to water and not all of them have the ideal soil conditions. Zarin girl’s school is blessed by a huge amount of land surrounding the school premises, good soil, enough water and overall a community strongly committed to make our project happen. Once completed there will be dozens of trees, many of them fruit trees that will benefit the community at large. A guardian will look after the plantation and will take his reward by cultivating a vegetable garden whose output will be shared with the children’s families .

So far, notwithstanding the difficulties linked with Coronavirus, works have gone on smoothly and the hardware, namely the solar panel for energy, the water well and the reservoir have been completed. The young fruit and green trees have been planted with good chances of growing well as a private scheme in the neighbourhood, that adopts the same criteria of cultivation, has been working well for the last 3 years. We are really excited by this experiment. We think that in general Afghanistan, which benefits by water flowing from the mountains could be much greener through a better conservation and water management strategy. It is now up to us and the girls of our school to demonstrate that it is possible at least on a tiny scale. But from small things big things can come…

Young trees are planted. We look forward to see them growing into big trees!

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