The new roof for the old Sar e Tarnok building has been completed

The new roof of the old school building at Sar e Tarnok hase been completed. We delivered on our promise to the villagers of the local community. Today there is a new complex of buildings in part newly built (in 2018) and in part refurbished waiting for the school year to start as soon as the Covid pandemic will allow it. We thank from the bottom of our hart Shuhada Organisation and the local villagers for having delivered in such difficult conditions.

The old school with its new make-up surrounded by trees. In the forefront the new well

In particular we thank the community for their committment in making a greener environment for the children in such beautiful surroundings. The well is still in the final phase of construction but we are happy that it was possible to dig one that can bring fresh water to the school children. We are looking forward to visiting the area next year as soon as health and security conditions will allow us to pay a visit to our local friends

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