Lazir’s school works are in full progress

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the local population, works at Lazir’s school are racing ahead. These pictures taken few days before the beginning of Ramadan’s break testify the fast progress that is taking place. The local community volunteered in fact to help levelling the land and to break the local stones which will this new girls’ school a clear personality, standing out from the other buildings in the surroundings. The school will stand on a natural balcony overlooking the valley crossed by the river Lazir

Lazir girl’s school is erected on a slope on top of other boys’ school buildings. Below Lazir river flows

Lazir school is located few kilometers from the provincial capital Nili. It will host 572 girls grade 1 to 9. Preparation works started in December and the worksite was ready to go in March 5. It is therefore pretty incredible to see the pace of progress. The good news is that the region’s climate is milder than in the high plateaus of Bamiyan province where we funded the construction of the majority of our schools and therefore the works have started more than a month in advance. If everything goes according to the plan the building will be ready for inauguration in November. The whole area is pretty green and Daikundi province is renowned for its fruit trees.


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