Koshkak Naqshi school building is completed

The bulk of the work is done. It is just about putting the finishing touches inside the building, some plaster and the blackboards, and bring in the furniture that will be delivered soon. It looks like a miracle. When the pandemic of Covid-19 enter Afghanistan from Iran at the beginning of the spring, the perspective of having the building completed by November 2020 looked pretty optimistic. Nobody had an idea of how the circumstances could have turned. But then, thanks to a collective effort between villagers, Shuhada Organisation, overlooking the works, and the company in charge of the construction, the job has been done superbly.

A great view of the school a nearby Sokhta village and the surrounding valley

We love this building. The colour is following the specifications of the Government. It may look a bit too excessive, estranged from the surroundings, but we like it. It is pretty a statement. Oddly enough, it has the colours of Arghosha organisation. But overall it looks like a corner of the beautiful Afghan blue sky has fallen on earth to enlight the path of the 300 students, boys and girls, that will attend the lesson of this high school, covering from grade 7 to 12

Water is coming from a spring donated by the villagers

Another success story was the water connection. After a series of tests it proved impossible to provide water through a well as it normally happens. The risk for the pupils was to be left without fresh water during the long school hours. Fortunately a spring was not too far from the building and the villagers decided to donate it to the school for the benefit of the children. Needless to say these things happen only through a collective effort and a show of solidarity. We look forward to the inauguration and wish the pupils all the best for next school year.

Latrines with separate sections for males and females

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