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26 May 2017

Preparing the ground of the 12th school in Sare Tarnok

 In April of 2017 we went to visit the site of the new school building. It will be the 12th that we fund and will be ready by the end of September. The locality is called Sar e Tarnok and is at about 2800m of height between the villages of Tangi Safidak and Naitaq, at the foot of a chain of mountains above 4000m of height. The place is 30 km from Yakawlang town. 

The village elders of Sar e Tarnok look at the tents where the new building will be erected 
Winters are very cold here and the snow remains on the high slopes until late May. The area is pretty fertile though, with arable land and fruit trees, producing mainly apple and apricots. 
The contrast between the beauty of the place and the terrible condition of the existing school, which serves a community of almost 1000 families (around 6000 people) couldn't be starker. 

Moustafa sitting with the local mullah and the village elders
The present building has no iron roofing and hosts only 3 classrooms that are supposed to shelter 734 pupils (372 boys and 362 girls). This is supposed to be a girls' school but it has to host many boys of the area, as the next structure is more than 8km away. Boys and girls must study in different shifts. However the shifts are not enough to accommodate everybody in the small building, therefore the majority of the children are forced to study under tents. The new school building will add 6 classrooms plus 2 smaller rooms and one for administration. The small existing complex has six latrines and there is no need to expand them any further.

Some of the girls who will benefit of the new school structure funded by Arghosha
 Once the new structure will be built, the school will continue to be run by the local education authority. The school was promoted to a high school in 2013 and has currently 11 teachers (8 males and 3 females). It is growing year after year and Arghosha Committee is delighted to accompany its expansion .

The ground has been levelled and prepared to lay the foundations
In mid May 2017 the works to level the ground and excavate the foundations have started. The act of birth of the new school is quite an important event in the local community:  the village elders and the local authorities celebrated it by laying the foundation stones. 

The village elders and the local authorities are laying the foundation stones of the new school
The ceremony was joined by the Deputy minister of Education Sardar Mohammed Rahimi, who came on purpose from Kabul. Needless to say that both Arghosha Committee and Shuhada Org were honoured by his presence.

Deputy minister of Education and Literacy Sardar Mohammed Rahimi (standing left) visit the girls studying under the tents

21 May 2017

Zarin school library is now up and running

On April the 23st, 2017 the  we had the opportunity to visit Zarin School and see the new library up and running. The library was kindly funded by two Italian donors, Mr Riccardo Chiaberge and Mrs Caterina Bonvicini, who recently got married and decided to dedicate to Zarin library a special fund raising event.  

Zarin schoolgirls are proudly consulting the new library 
The fund raising process was very successful and besides shelves and desks and chairs the library has been filled with over 500 books on curricular subjects such as history, geography, literature, maths and science. Zarin school has almost 700 pupils from grade 1 to 12 and is one of the biggest funded by Arghosha Committee. As in the case of Chardeh and Ghorab schools, there is a strong demand for reading.

Eng Gholam Hussein of Shuhada and the school librarian are holding an appreciation letter to the Chiaberge Bonvicini family
There are no bookshops in the neighbouring villages and most children are coming from destitute families, therefore a local library is essential to advance their knowledge. Zarin school is one of the most successful of those funded by Arghosha and last year 36 out of 59 girls passed the so called Kankoor i.e. the admission exam to University. The success rate was 45% that is to say that almost one out of two made it at the exam. The new school library will undoubtedly help the girls to get even better results in the future years.

Zarin School hosts almost 700 girls from grade 1 to 12